Jellies goes back to your wildest teenage dreams you`ve never had. With Jellies, anyone can be a kid and do their own thing. It is a community for all the ageless and different people.

A place where everyone is accepted as they are. We stick out of the crowd, eat a lot and party all night. We`re Jellies!


We go back in time and mix 80`s design elements with modern street couture garments.

The cuts are loose and partly unisex. Jellies vintage art and bright colors stand out from the crowd.


Our clothes are made of heavyweight french terry fabric or sustainable cotton. The garments
from our classic line are mainly made in Asia. Pieces from our couture line are produced
exclusively in Portugal.

All are certified with the most important quality seals (GOTS, OCS Blended, Oeko-Tex). The
factories meet the most stringent safety requirements.

All our pieces are finished in Germany. Some of our products are completely handmade. The
dyes used in printing are skin-friendly and environmentally friendly. Our clothes are therefore
sustainably produced and in no way harmful to your health.

High quality of our clothes is important to us, which is why our pieces are a little more
expensive. We want you to enjoy it for a long time and be able to carry it as long as possible.

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